Commitment To Training Live - Rosemont, IL


The recent COVID-19 global virus outbreak is forcing us to make some difficult decisions. We at Motor Age, PTEN and Technician's Service Training (TST) take the health and wellness of technicians and shop owners very seriously. Without your health, you cannot successfully serve your customers and keep drivers safe on the roads. With that in mind, we have made the tough decision to postpone the debut Commitment to Training Live Event to November 14. This was the best option for rescheduling at the Embassy Suites By Hilton Chicago – Rosemont, Ill.

Join us for a full day of training, food, products and fun as we launch our 2020 Commitment To Training Live events. The inaugural one-day event will take place November 14, 2020 in Rosemont, Ill., at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Chicago in Rosemont, Ill., and feature technical training from three of the best auto repair instructors you’re going to find anywhere (class details below). You’ll also get a chance to talk shop with leading vendor partners who will be on-hand with the newest tools and products designed to make life easier for you in the shop.

PRICING NOTE: Early-Bird Pricing expires October 1, 2020. So book today to save!


Drivability From the Driver's Seat - Mastering Scan Tool Data Interpretation
Brandon Steckler, known for his popular and informative sessions on the use of pressure transducers, delta sensors and scopes to solve driveability dilemmas debuts his newest presentation, " Drivability From the Driver's Seat - Mastering Scan Tool Data Interpretation". Learn from a master diagnostician how you can use your scan tool to quickly isolate the problem AND cause of most driveability complaints. In this advanced presentation, Brandon will show you how the ECM fuel strategy can be used for more than improving miles per gallon, how VE can be used to isolate a drivability cause, and how following a logical process will automatically lead you to the next troubleshooting step needed to resolve your customers' complaints.

"G" Jerry Truglia

Critical Thinking-Diagnostic Strategies "2020"
Success in diagnosing today's high tech systems requires a high tech approach. Noted trainer and master diagnostician G. Jerry Truglia has the tools you need to cope with these new challenges and he shares them in this popular seminar, NEW for 2020. You'll learn to develop a diagnostic process and a diagnostic game plan. How to use the tools the OEMs give you; ECM strategies, code setting criteria, PID analysis and how fuel trims can be used to point you in the right direction. This seminar also discusses batteries, including coding and reprogramming, parasitic draw, voltage drop, engine testing including relative compression, compression testing, cylinder leak down, gas analysis, fuel flow testing, fuel trim, current ramping, PCM testing, pressure transduces, reprogramming, a new way to test EVAP and much more.

Pete Meier
Pete Meier

Catching A Thief – Taking The Mystery Out of Voltage Drop Testing
Pete has helped hundreds of technicians become comfortable tackling electrical problems. How? By helping them master fundamental electrical principles and testing techniques. In this session, Pete will help you shore up any holes in your understanding of electrical circuit operation as well as the factors that affect their function. Then, he'll show you the ONE technique you NEED to master if you want to be successful in diagnosing electrical faults. If being assigned electrical concerns by your boss makes you nervous, fear not! You'll leave this training session and return to work as the "go to" guy in your shop!