What Every Tech Needs To Know About ADAS from a Mobile Guys Perspective

ADAS technology is here – and you can’t totally avoid dealing with it even if you want to. In this special Motor Age/TST webinar, we welcome guest presenter John Anello, founder and president of Auto Tech On Wheels, to share his experiences and first-hand knowledge of how these systems function.

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"G" Jerry Truglia

Shop Owner | Instructor | Author
G. Jerry Truglia has extensive experience in the automotive field as a technician, service manager, shop owner and technical writer. He is a senior curriculum developer who provides training programs for automotive and truck inspection and repair programs. He has provided on-board diagnostic system, OBDII and automotive training all over the country. He is the owner, curriculum developer and instructor for Automotive Technician Training Services (ATTS) in Mahopac, N.Y.

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Pete Meier
Pete Meier

Technical editor for Motor Age magazine and the director of training for the Endeavor Automotive Group
Pete Meier is the technical editor for Motor Age magazine and the director of training for the UBM Connect Automotive Group, serving both the collision and mechanical repair industries. He’s an ASE CMAT technician with more than 35 years experience, and has worked on every name plate you can think of from Audi to Yugo. He was instrumental in leading the development of the first ever free training event offered to the industry, Automechanika Chicago, serving more than 2,000 attendees, becoming one of the largest training events ever conducted.

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John Anello
John Anello

John Anello – founder and president of “Auto Tech On Wheels”